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/ Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh well. Been chatting with friend, and talked about some personal stuffs. Talked about gifts. By friends. Kept deep inside drawers, long lost. One day, digging them up, found out something interesting, about life. Hence I decided to open up my drawers. Did found old, long lost gifts. From my dear family. It's nice memories. But they're not something that'll make me, feel, precious. Then I rewind. Hey, I don't remember myself liking gifts and presents from friends. So I closed my drawer. And I noticed what I've missed. And suddenly felt, a little, empty. But Hey! Cheer up. I guess I've grown a little bit older. But still, I think I still lack of something, to grow. I know what but I can't achieve.
Emptiness, always make someone lonely. But of 'course, I'm not as bad, I'm always cheerful. I wonder who invented "blog", made me post here for no one to see. Wonderful creation.

3:11 AM

By: -toot-